MBISS GCh HRQ's Guess Who's in Trouble, JH, OA, OAJ, NFP, RN

Ch Zenith's Suspsene Thriller x BISS GCh Tivoliz Now Pay Attention, MH, CD, RN, AX, AXJ, VC, TDI

BISS - 2014 VCNC Best of Breed
BISS - 2016 VCNC Best of Breed at 7 years old
Havoc is a multi-group winner
earning his first group
placement at 18 months.
Havoc is in the Top 20 for
2012 (#16) and 2013 (#8)

Havoc also has field trial
placements, is working
towards his Senior Hunter and
continuing in the agility ring.
Havoc showing his intensity in
the field
Meet Havoc's kids
Havoc returns to the
show ring at 7 and earns
Best of Breed at the
Sporting Dog Specialty in
Palm Springs, Best of
Opposite sex at the
TEVCO specialty and Best
Veteran Dog in
Sweepstakes, Best
Veteran in Dog in
Sweepstakes and Best in
Specialty Show at the
Vizsla Club of Northern
California Specialty, and
2 more group placements